Collect interesting links with Cling. Create a board for all of your topics. Add new links by entering them directly, via our browser extension or app (coming soon). You can use Cling online and on all your devices. 

Use Clings link card ➊ for bookmarks. To save a link, simply enter a name and the websites address. The link is saved when you close the link card by clicking the small cross at the top left. Cling automatically adds a small logo to ensure your links are displayed more clearly on your boards. The saved links can be opened with a simple click. Use the menu of the link card to edit or delete it.

Use drag and drop to organize your bookmarks on a board. You can even move bookmarks between boards via the clipboard.

Cling Button

There is also a much easier way to collect links: with our browser extension for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Apple Safari. After downloading, the Cling button will appear beside your browser’s address bar ➋.

If you wish to save a website, click on the button in the toolbar of your browser and chose the board on which the URL is to be saved to. All links that you save with the extension will be deposited in the incoming column ➌ of the respective board. The incoming column can be opened by clicking on the letter-tray symbol at the top-right of the board. A little number will also show how many elements are currently in the incoming column of a board.

Now simply drag and drop a card from the incoming column to exactly the right spot on your board. This is how you organize and manage all your bookmarks to match your wishes precisely.

Tip #1: Open boards quickly via the Cling Button by clicking on the icon with the arrow.

Tip #2: As with all other cards, you can comment, attach cards together, mark them as important, archive or simply delete them. Each of these functions can be accessed via the small menu at the top-right edge of every card. Cling delivers more than other bookmark managers. You can add context as you please.

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