In Cling you need to know 3 basic elements: your home screen, your boards and as many cards as you need for your content. A board works like a conventional pin board. In the beginning it is empty with free space for all you wish to retain. Over time you save more and more content in Cling to have it at hand, when you need it. Cling is the one place to collect, manage and - if you like - share your content with others.

Your home screen

The first thing you see after logging in to Cling is your home screen. Initially you’ll only see the boards that have already been placed there to let you learn about Cling more easily.

The board menu

Like every Cling board, your home screen's menu is located on the left side of a board. There you'll find all functions to manipulate appearance and layout. The board menu is not only available on your home screen. You can find it on any of your custom boards as well.

  • Click on Menu to open the main menu. It contains all features to manage your account. Find more information about the main menu at the end of this page.
  • The Home-icon directs you back to your home screen.
  • Use Collapse / Expand to minimize or maximize all cards on a board.
  • Move content on or between boards using the Clipboard. To learn how the clipboard works read the section "Organize and manage". The Badge on the clipboard icon reflects the number of cards currently placed in the clipboard.
  • The Inbox column is your depot for all links that you save in Cling using external apps like the Cling Button. They are saved as link cards in the incoming column of the respective boards. Each board has its own incoming column. More information on this is available in the section "Keep all in one place".

Create your first card

New content can be created right on your home screen. This is perfect if you need to note down something without deciding where it finally belongs. Create a new card using the "Take a note..."-control. Cling offers various card types for different content categories:

  • Notes: Note cards ❶ are there for all your thoughts, notes, and ideas. To keep things clear, they incorporate just a small, lean editor providing the most important functions.
  • Web links: All web addresses that you want to remember can be saved on link cards ❷. You can create the cards by either copying the link manually or – much more conveniently – by using the Cling button, our extension for your browser.
  • Photos and files: Cling lets you permanently store all files that are important for you. Furthermore, Cling can also manage your photos. File cards ❸ are used for both. They allow you to upload one or more files. Photos are displayed directly in Cling. Files are illustrated with the icon of the respective file format.

Click on the corresponding icon to create a new card.

Alternatively use "+" or the ellipsis ❹ in the lower board menu.


The actual content in Cling is displayed on cards. There are various different types of cards, which are optimized for specific types of content: note, link and file. If you hover the mouse pointer over a card, the card's menu will be displayed. The card menu contains 2 parts. Use the upper menu to modify the card itself or the lower part to add new cards at various positions.

Tip: All actions from the card menu have a corresponding keyboard shortcut. See the key mapping directly in the card's menu.

Icons of the upper card menu:

  • Collapse or expand the presentation of a card ❺.
  • Use the pen icon ❻ to edit a card's content.
  • To change the location of a card, cut it ❼. The card is then moved to the clipboard and can be inserted using the clipboard icon from the lower part of a card's menu.
  • Use ❽ to archive a card. The card will then be hidden, but it is not deleted. You can reactivate it from the archive at any point of time.
  • Increase or decrease indent ❾ groups cards. Think about it like a folder or like attaching multiple cards to behave like one single card. Use as many levels of indentation as you like.
  • Via Add comment you can comment on a card. Commenting works on any card of a board. When sharing a board, comments can be used as a chat.
  • Turn a card into a task by clicking Open task settings.
  • Delete content by clicking Remove. If you deleted a card by accident, you can restore it from the trashcan at any time.
  • The section About this card shows meta infomation about recent changes on this content item. This is especially helpful when working on shared boards.

In the lower section of the card menu you can find all options to create or insert new cards:

  • Insert the first card from the clipboard ❿.
  • Click on ⓫ to add a new card below the current card.
  • Via the ellipsis icon open up all options to add or insert new cards above, below or in new columns to the left or right.


The home screen is your first board. If it gets too crowded, create new boards to stay on top of your content. New boards can be created by adding board cards to your home screen ⓬. 

Customize your boards with name ⓭ and give it an individual look ⓮. Create the board by clicking "Add Board" ⓯. After that the board is ready for use.

Store content on this fresh, new board exactly like you do with the cards on your home screen.

Cling's main menu

The main menu is available througout Cling and hides all features to manage your account plus a few other utility function you need less frequently.

  • The settings allow you to adjust the name, background, pattern and color of a board.
  • Each board can be shared to let others work on it together with you. More on this is contained in the “Teamwork” section.
  • Import bookmarks from any modern browser or using our bookmark import tool. More details about this can be found in the "Import your bookmarks" section.
  • If cards are archived, these are then hidden to ensure your boards retain the maximum clarity and remain up to date. A click on the “Show archived cards” menu option, however, will let these cards be displayed again. 
  • You will find all deleted content when you select Open trashcan. If necessary, you can easily drag cards from there back to a board.
  • If you need assistance, pick "How can we help you?" and start to chat with us.
  • Open website directs you to the Cling homepage.
  • The Cling Button is the browser plugin for Cling. Follow the personalized link for your browser to start the download.
  • Clicking Logout ends the session in Cling.

How to progress from here?

Now you've learned all the basics of Cling. Keep your content in one place, organize and manage your topics. Work on your content and share boards if you want to collaborate with other users. Cling assists you and in the subsequent sections we explain step by step how it works. If you like to know more about Cling check out all pages of the help center.

"Keep all in one place" - notes, links, photos and files, we show you how to store everything in Cling. Use your inbox and custom boards and nothing gets lost.

"Organize and manage" - Decide what matters and stay on top. Learn how to move content between various boards. Structure your stuff, archive or delete what you don't need anymore. Track your to-dos in Cling without any overhead.

"Use your content" - with Cling you have your content at hand, anywhere. See what Cling's full text search can do for you. Generate custom lists for better overview.

"Teamwork" - Share your boards with selected users. Cling keeps you up to date by sending you notifications. Track changes easily and chat in realtime with other board users.

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