The search is available on every board. To start searching your content, click on the  magnifying glass icon ❶ in the top app bar.

Simply type a word in the search box ❷ and you are done. The content of the current board will be filtered and only cards containing the search term will be displayed. The search term may contain multiple words.

Once a search is active, the number of results is displayed in the search box ❸. The search box can be minimized ❹. It is collapsed automatically if you click on the board. Searches can be cancelled ❺ anytime.

Search options

Searches can be customized using various search options. Expand ❻ the search box to see the full set of parameters. All supported parameters can be combined:

  • All boards: By default, searches are performed on the current board. Check this option to expand the search across all boards. The current board will be faded out and the result list is displayed in a different format.

  • My open tasks: Only cards with activated tasks with you as the assignee are displayed.

  • Show archived tasks: Display all archived cards in addition to all regular content.

  • My tasks: Show all open and resolved tasks assigned to me.

  • Open tasks: Display all content with activated, unresolved tasks.

  • Tasks: Show all cards with activated tasks in any state.

  • Color: Display all cards with a specific color.

  • Kind of card: Seach for content of a specific type e.g. links or files.

Search result

If you enter a search term or pick any option in the search box, a search is performed and only matching content is displayed. Matches are highlighted in yellow color. When searching all boards, search results are displayed as a list ❼. Matching content is sorted by board.

All content can be edited in the search result. If you want to edit content, you do not necessarily need to navigate to the board. However, if you want to see a card within the context of the board, use the function "Go to card" ❽ from the card menu. The board will open and the card is displayed.

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