Your boards can be easily shared with others so that your texts, links, images and files can be jointly used by everyone. Watch our video to get a quick overview how sharing works.

How to share a board

A board can be shared via the share icon ❶. You can share all boards except your home screen. This is why the share icon is not available there.

Next, enter the email addresses of all your collaborators. As soon as you click on “Share”, the invited person will receive an email with a link to the board. In addition to that, a board card will be placed in the Cling inbox of the collaborator. You can cancel sharing at any time by clicking on the small trashcan in the sharing dialog window. Access to the board is then no longer possible for the deleted user.

Important: You may invite anyone to work with you on a board. But just like you, however, these users must register with Cling before gaining access to the board. Cling assists new users during signup.

Comment in real time

Comments can be added to all cards ❷. This lets you easily initiate and participate in discussions regarding the content in Cling.

Comments work like a conversation and are in real time: as soon as you write something, the other users will see it immediately. To create a new comment, click on the dialog balloon in the card menu. In this way, your boards become a tool for your teamwork and an alternative for using conventional documents.

Obtain notifications 

You are sent email notifications that inform of the activity of others on the joint board. The last changes are highlighted in color on the top-right of all applicable cards to ensure you can quickly see where the latest changes have been made.


Define access on board user level

Cling Pro Feature: User-level permissions for shared boards allow you to restrict access for a user. The list of board users in the sharing window lets you define the permissions for a particular collaborator. This setting can be changed at any point of time. There are 4 levels of access to a board. With each level ❸ a user is granted more options:

  1. View: A user can view and export a board

  2. Comment: All from 1 plus comment

  3. Edit: All from 2 plus edit content

  4. Full access: 1, 2, 3 plus add collaborators and modify permissions


Click on "People" ❶ to open a list of conversations with other Cling users. In the beginning this list should be empty and you need to select "Start a conversation" to create a new conversation with another user.

Conversation boards can be created quickly, it is always obvious who uses the board and the content is private between the participants of the conversation. Besides this, conversation boards work like regular Cling boards.

If you like to message another Cling user, conversation boards are the way to go. Start a new conversation and post content on the conversation board.

Create a new conversation

Cling "Start a conversation" ❷ and you'll see a list of users you already shared content with. Restrict the list via the search field by typing the name or parts of the username. If you found the desired user, pick the name and by doing so, create a new conversation. A conversation is a private board, which is only visible to the conversation participants.

Find and open conversations

In case you have many open conversations, type the name or parts of the username in the search field to restrict the list of matching conversations. Finally pick a name to open the corresponding conversation board.

Video calls

On shared boards you have the option to hold video conference calls within Cling. To start a video call, click "Video" ❶ in the top app menu bar.

Confirm the video call by clicking "Join" ❷. Cling then accesses your microphone and camera device. You are now all set and should see yourself in the video call overlay window.

To end the video call, hover your mouse on top of the video call overlay window and click the red "Leave" button ❸. If you like to optimize your call settings, hover the mouse over the video call window and customize all options to your needs.

Tipp: If you see a small video chat icon right next to a board name in the board selector, then users of this board are currently in a video call. If you like to join them, open the board and click the video icon. The number of active participants is shown as a badge on the video icon in the top app bar.

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