Your boards can be easily shared with others so that your texts, links, images and files can be jointly used by everyone. Watch our video to get a quick overview how sharing works.

How to share a board

A board can be shared via the share icon ❶. You can share all boards except your home screen. This is why the share icon is grayed out on your Cling home screen.

Next, enter the email addresses of all users with which you wish to share the board. As soon as you click on “Share”, the invited person or persons will receive their invitation via email. You can cancel your invitation to share the board at any time by clicking on the small trashcan in the sharing dialog window. Access to the board is then no longer possible for the deleted user.

Important: You may invite anyone to work with you on a board. But just like you, however, these users must register with Cling before gaining access to the board. 

Obtain notifications 

You are sent email notifications that inform of the activity of others on the joint board. The last changes are highlighted in color on the top-right of all applicable cards to ensure you can quickly see where the latest changes have been made. 

Comment in real time

Comments can be added to all cards ❷. This lets you easily initiate and participate in discussions regarding the content in Cling.

Comments work like a conversation and are in real time: as soon as you write something, the other users will see it immediately. To create a new comment, click on the dialog balloon in the card menu. In this way, your boards become a tool for your teamwork and an alternative for using conventional documents.

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