The quickest way of transfering all your bookmarks from your browser (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Microsoft Edge) or Pocket to Cling is the bookmark import. Save a bookmark file from your browser or Pocket using the export as HTML. Follow the links to find out how to export bookmarks from the tool of your choice:

Upload this file via "Import data" ❶. Open the import from the board menu.

Tip: When importing bookmarks, all new bookmarks land on one board in Cling. You can import your links step by step, multiple times or on separate boards.

Next you need to select the source format ❷ of your bookmarks. If you need to transfer notes to Cling, refer to our detailed description on how to move your content from Apple Notes or Google Notes to Cling.

Finally upload the bookmark file ❸ and let Cling do the rest. Bookmark files can be uploaded as often as you like. Use the import to populate new boards with web links from external sources and continue working with Cling.

Imported bookmarks can be organized using drag and drop. Use columns and group cards for better overview.

Read the sections "Keep all in one place" and "The Cling Button" if you like to learn more about bookmarking and how to organize your content with Cling.

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