There is also a much easier way to collect links: use our browser extension for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge. After downloading, the Cling button will appear beside your browser’s address bar ❶.

If you wish to save a website, click on the button in the toolbar of your browser and chose the board on which the URL is to be saved to. Besides saving a link, you can save the link and open the board or just open the board.

All links that you save with the extension will be deposited in the inbox column ❷ of the respective board. The inbox column can be opened by clicking on the letter-tray symbol in the board menu. A little number will also show how many elements are currently in the inbox column of a board.

Now simply drag and drop a card from the inbox column to exactly the right spot on your board. This is how you organize and manage all your bookmarks to match your wishes precisely.

Tip: Open boards quickly via the Cling Button by clicking on the icon with the arrow.

Read the section "Keep all in one place" and learn all about bookmarking with Cling. Watch our video to get a quick overview how to work with web links and Cling.

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