Install Cling in 3 steps from your browser as an app to your device. We show you how this works. Let's go!

Step 1: Open the Cling website in your browser

If you are already signed into Cling on your mobile device's browser, proceed to step 3. If you are not logged in, open the public website of Cling ❶ on your device via the URL

Step 2: Log yourself into Cling

After opening the public website, please log in ❷. If you do not have an account yet, please sign up at Cling.

After logging in, your personal Cling home screen will be displayed.

Step 3: Now add Cling to your homescreen

Now open your browsers context menu and add Cling to your homescreen.

If you are finished, Cling can be started as an app via the icon on your device. Cling can be used outside of the browser.

That's it - enjoy Cling!

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