Importing your Apple Notes in Cling is a simple process. Start off by creating a takeout of your data from your Google account. Upload this takeout in Cling and you're done!

⚠ Hint: During the import process we will not ask for your credentials. This is why you need to generate exports yourself.

Obtain a copy

Open the privacy settings in your iCloud account via this link: Proceed to the list of content items by requesting a copy of your notes data ➊ from Apple.

Your browser takes you to a list of data items to select for the export.

⚠ Important: Please do only check "iCloud Notes" ➋ from this list, since the rest of the data in your account is not relevant and should not be contained in the export.

⚠ Hint: Generating the export may take a couple of hours, so plan in some time until you can download the archive.

Upload the export in Cling

Choose a board and start the import

First select a board for the import. Pick "Import data" ➌ from the board menu.

Select Apple Notes as format

Pick Apple Notes as input format ➍. By doing so, Cling knows how to interpret the export archive.

Upload the export archive

Select the ZIP-archive created by Apple and upload it in Cling ➎.

Done ✔

Check the result and organize your content on flexible boards in Cling. If you like to learn more about working with your content, check "Organize and manage" for detailed information.

Any question regarding the import?

If you have questions or insights related to our data import, drop us a message and we'll help you right away!

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