Cling ensures all your content is easily created and always exactly where you expect to find it. Append the relevant context to your notes. Together with photos, files and bookmarks, you keep all your content in one place.

Enter notes

To save a new text, open a board and create a note card ➊. For photos and files, use the “File” card type ➋.

Text can be added while in the editing mode of the note card. Cling provides an editor that deliberately limits formatting to the essentials. In the lower section of the card ➌, you can choose from the various formatting options. To apply the formatting, you must first highlight the text it is meant to affect.

Pick one of these formatting options:

  • Important: Mark especially important passages so that they are highlighted in color. 
  • Bold, italic, code: Use these formats to improve the readability of your notes.
  • Bullets, numbered lists
  • Code block: Use this option if you wish to display source code or unformatted text.

You can undo your changes at any time by hitting Esc. Your text will be saved when you click on the small X at the top left, or alternatively, you can also press Ctrl+Enter on the keyboard. The text contained in a card can be changed at any time by clicking on the card. 

Cling truncates the display of long texts with … – but the entire texts can easily be viewed by clicking on the three dots. 

Tip: Split long texts into several cards and then attach these with one another. This has the benefit of being able to separate the text at any time. The sections can also be individually moved. Exactly how you need it.

Adding photos and files

Create a new file card for saving your photos and files. You then only need to choose the files that you want to save in Cling. If you select a photo, Cling will recognize this automatically and display the picture.

Tip: Select several files to upload to Cling in a single step by selecting them while holding down Shift+left mouse button.

Combine texts, images and more

Combine your notes, bookmarks, photos and files exactly how you like. That is one of Cling’s special strengths. Everything will be displayed in the best possible manner and the structure will always remain as desired. The order and layout can be changed by clicking on a card and moving it while keeping the left mouse button pressed down. 

If you wish to attach cards with each other so that they behave like a single card, select the attach symbol ➍ from the card’s top-right menu above the three dots.

Further very useful options are also to be found in the card menu, which we explain to you in the “Basics” section. There you will also find out how you can use the clipboard to move cards to other boards if, for instance, a board may have become too full. 

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